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Hi, I'm Tanya,

I'm Product Designer with strong visual design skills. I've been a professional designer with over 15 years of experience. I started as an animator drawing cartoons, my quest for more knowledge made me go through a Graphic Design, Motion, Web, and digital product design industries through different years. Today I mostly draw illustrations, run my youtube channel, work on various projects and enjoying my life in small baltic country✨

I like to work on

⏱ Simple useful time-saver tools with clean design
🌝 Generative design based products with strong visual
🕸 Projects with massive assets/components library with ML
👻 Anything with fun faces/emoticons/stickers/characters
🚀 Creating and directing web-based product from A to Z

Work inquiry or just want to say hi 👋
contact me at

  • When it comes to Graphic Softwares and Optimization, I'm a nerd. I love the idea behind automation and scripts while dealing with huge graphic files and elements such as icons, game assets, etc. I'm a big fan of simple, smart, and easy-to-work-with design ideas that are pretty as well.

  • Being a visual designer for me is making things and technology simple to use and its application in real-life possible with ease. I love to create more usable digital products through the power of user experience design and content strategy.
  • I'm completely autonomous, organized, self-taught, self-motivated, and driven by passion and intuition, it allows me to accomplish various high goals as if long-term product development or creating new things. I am constantly exploring, learning, and executing better ways of interacting with products, services, and experiences.

  • My topmost satisfaction and happy moments come from when people enjoy using tools, designs, and products I was involved in the creation/development

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